FORMIC 50 Transportmodul

High load capacity and maximum flexibility

5.0 tons load capacity per vehicle and up to 75 tons system load capacity – FORMIC 50 offers high load capacities for demanding transport tasks.

Like all our vehicles, the FORMIC 50 vehicles can be used alone as a towing vehicle or in a swarm. In a swarm, a maximum of 15 vehicles synchronize and drive in formation – controlled by a single person.

Synchronized driving and steering in the swarm, as well as the ability to rotate freely on the spot, means that the load can be maneuvered effortlessly even in very tight spaces. The all-wheel drive on all vehicles, in conjunction with the built-in oscillating axle, ensures maximum traction – even on uneven ground and difficult surfaces.


Max. Load capacity per module5,0 t
Rotation diameter925 mm
Vehicle height255 mm
Max. Obstacle height35 mm
Lift60 mm
Max. Number of vehicles15

What makes us special

Minimaler Rangierplatz symbol

Minimal maneuvering space

Scalable load capacity

Simple operation

High traction 

High safety level

Precise positioning

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Our transport systems are currently available in two versions. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

FORMIC compact

Our compact vehicles with a diameter of 630 mm and a load capacity of 3.0 tons per vehicle offer a system load capacity of up to 9 tons.

FORMIC 50 - Transportmodul, Transportfahrwerk mit bis zu 5,0 Tonnen Traglast pro Fahrzeug


Our powerful vehicles offer a high load capacity with impressive off-road mobility. With a diameter of 950 mm and a load capacity of 5.0 tons per vehicle, they achieve a system load capacity of up to 75 tons.

FORMIC Transportsysteme GmbH


Special vehicle dimensions, increased load capacity or automation – we are happy to implement individual solutions for your requirements.